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Advice for prospective authors:

Guidelines For Manuscript Submission:

All Manuscripts, both Solicited, and Unsolicited may be submitted to the Publisher at Graham Brash Pte Ltd in one of the following methods:

Snail Mail: addressed to the Jurong Point Post Office, P.O. Box 884, Singapore 628859.
All manuscripts must be typed and printed on A4 sized paper, and preferably bound. If you are sending an accompanying computer disk with your manuscript, please ensure that it is in Microsoft Word (indicate version).

E-Mail: please only send the Table of Contents and the First Chapter of your manuscript via email. Our email address is If we require more material from you we will be in touch.

If you do not wish to send a complete manuscript, please send us a letter and include the following information:
a. The Title of your proposed work.
b. The work's intended table of contents.
c. What's so special about your proposed work?
d. The first chapter of your intended book

Graham Brash Pte Ltd will acknowledge all Manuscripts received, solicited or otherwise, and they will be read and evaluated within 6 months of our receipt. Manuscripts which suite GB's requirements will receive a draft of our publishing contract. For those manuscripts found unsuitable to GB's present requirements, they will not receive a proposal, but a short note of regret. Please don't feel too let down, every budding author (and best selling ones too) have had their manuscripts rejected - keep trying other publishing houses and you never know - give up and it will never get published!

Once submitted, all Manuscripts received and acknowledged will not be returned. It just does not make financial sense, if you want anything to be returned we will do so at your cost so please be prepared to either come to collect the manuscript in person, or be billed a fee for postage and handling. GB can accept payment via credit card.

Before sending your manuscript, please provide us with a one or two page précis, and try to answer some of these questions that will help us in our evaluation process.
a) Find and review books similar to yours. You can find books in the library or books at the bookstores. How are they selling?
b) Is there a need for another book on your topic? Why? Describe specifically what your book does that others do not. What makes your book unique?
c) Tell us a little about your background. Why did you write this book? Any specific qualifications relating to the subject of your work? Any previous publications or writing experience? Will you be able to promote your book at say Workshops, Professional meetings or seminars?

Our Mailing Address:

Attn: The Publishing Manager
Graham Brash Pte Ltd - Publishers
Jurong Point Post Office
P.O. Box 884, Singapore 916430
Tel: 65-6262 4843 Fax: 65-6262 1519

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